Malaga City is, unsurprisingly, the capital of the province of Malaga. Like many cities in Spain it has a rich and interesting history to tell. From the website, here is a small excerpt about Malaga City.

The strategic position to the Mediterranean Sea has always made Malaga an attractive zone for foreign invasions. The first settlement in Malaga was made by the Phoenicians who founded the city more the 3000 years ago. The town, at the time called Malaka, was used as a commercial center for the region and exploited for its richness in metals such as silver and copper.

The Romans eventually entered the picture and ended the Carthaginian rule, and Malaga became part of the Roman Empire. In the following centuries many influences and contributions were passed on to Spain and Malaga in particular. For example:

In the beginning of the 4th century, hundred years after the Roman entrance, Malaga appeared as one of the regions in Spain who had adapted best to the Roman life style and was one of the only regions where Christianity had made its strong acceptance with the population. 



But as we know, the Roman Empire didn’t last forever.

When the Roman Empire started to fall in the beginning of the 5th century the coast of Andalusia including Malaga was regularly invaded by small Visigoths tribes. The Visigoths finally conquered the entire town of Malaga in 623, where after the last Romans tropes leaved the town.


A long Moorish rule then began and like the Romans before them, they left their influence in architecture, culture and religion.


Malaga stayed under the different Moorish Caliphs in Granada, who were responsible for the construction of the two most important monuments in Malaga, the fortress Alcazaba and the castles/ fortress Gibralfaro, which was not finished until the beginning of the 15th century.



Spain’s history is fascinating and diverse and well worth your time to research. The content of this post is based on this article on the website. Visit there for more on the history of Malaga.


Also, for a good list of things to see and do in Malaga City, have a look at this Guide to Malaga.

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